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Biskupiak’ is one of the oldest and best schools in Lublin. It has a long and great tradition. The main distinguishing feature of our school is that it has a strong Catholic profile. ‘Biskupiak’ is known as ‘the school under a pink roof’ because of its unusual colour. The building is situated on a hill so that you can admire a beautiful panorama of Lublin city from the top floor. We encourage you to read a bit about the school’s rich history and about life in ‘Biskupiak’ nowadays.


The early history of 'Biskupiak' started in 1923 when bishop Marian Fulman founded 'Biskupiak' secondary school as a catholic, private school for young men. At first the school was situated in the building on 6 Zamojska Street. In June 1927 the foundation stone was blessed and the building works began. They lasted 7 years and were financed from people’s donations.
Between 1933 and 1934 father Kazimierz Gostyński was the headmaster. He was pronounced ‘Blessed’ in 1999 by John Paul II.
In 1935 father Michał Słowikowski, who contributed greatly to the development of the school, became the headmaster. When World War II broke out, German soldiers arrested the headmaster and teachers. Then 'Biskupiak' was converted into barracks. As soon as the war ended, soviet forces opened an army hospital in the building. 'Biskupiak' was closed in 1940.
Despite all these problems ‘Biskupiak’ students started a new school-year in 1944 in a building situated on 12 Ogrodowa Street. In the spring of 1945 'Biskupiak' received 5 rooms in an old facility on Krzywa Street. Being under the pressure of cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, the local council gave the school back the last floor and the attic of the old building in 1946.
Unfortunately, in July 1962 the communist police started to occupy 'Biskupiak' and finally closed the school for the next 30 years.
In September 1993 bishop Bolesław Pylak reopened 'Biskupiak.' The school changed its name to 'XXI St. Stanislaw Kostka High School'. In 2000 the lower secondary school was created. 'Biskupiak' has many distinguished graduates including bishops (Józef Drzazga, Zygmunt Kamiński, Ryszard Karpiński, Antoni-Pacyfik Dydycz and Stanisław Wielgus), doctors, judges, prosecutors, priests etc.
‘Biskupiak’ has been among the best schools in Lublin for many years now.


1. Father Kazimerz Dąbrowski (1923-1926)
2. Father Antoni Poboży (1926-1933)
3. Blessed Father Kazimierz Gostyński (1933-1935)
4. Father Michał Słowikowski (1935-1939)
5. Father Krzysztof Targoński (1992-1999)
6. Father Krzysztof Kłysiak (1999-2005)
7. Father Mirosław Zając (2005-present)

Patron’s Day

Every year in September we celebrate the Patron’s Day. On that special day all the students and teachers walk together from the school to Lublin Cathedral, where we have a solemn service. After the ceremony new pupils are given their student cards by the bishop. In our school it is one of the most important holidays. During the afternoon one more big event is held – an Initiation Party. Second-grade students organize an initiation ceremony for freshmen who have to pass it to become full members of our school community. They must do all the tasks prepared for them and hopefully demonstrate both a sense of humour and the ability to work as part of a team. The first-grade pupils are usually told to run on all fours around the school meowing like real cats. The freshmen also have to drink or eat a special mixture and they usually have to wear funny make-up. After receiving diplomas, the initiates can party with older students at a great disco.

School Christmas Eve

The last day before Christmas break students finish their classes early and meet in their classrooms to celebrate school Christmas Eve. They gather to share a traditional Christmas wafer and to exchange Christmas greetings with their teachers and one another. They have special Christmas meals prepared at home and they sing carols. It is a good occasion to cultivate this beautiful, unique and typical Polish tradition.


The school government election is an old tradition in our lovely school. It’s an event which takes place at the beginning of the second term and it consists of a few parts. At first, every class from the first and second grade choose their candidate and prepare their campaign. In the whole building there are posters and leaflets with electoral programmes of the candidates. After a few days they present their ideas in the common room. There is one day of electoral silence before the voting. You can vote for one person and you have just one vote which you put into a special box. Then the votes are counted and the winner is elected the chairman of our student government.

Modern Languages Week

During this special week attention is focused on learning as much as possible about the people and cultures represented by the various languages taught at the school, i.e. English, German, Russian and French. Students stage special shows in foreign languages They also prepare traditional food such as Welsh cookies, apple pies or a Schwarzwald Cake. Sometimes students organize a karaoke contest which everyone enjoys.

The Ball

In June students from the third grade of the lower secondary school have their Ball. For many graduates this is the most important event in the whole school year. All of them are involved in organising and practising for the ball and the day before the event takes place they decorate the ballroom. Pupils invite their teachers for the event. The ball starts with a polonaise and a speech by the headmaster. Afterwards the school-leavers have a disco and some snacks in the classrooms. They take lots of pictures and dance the night away.

Clubs and other student activities

At our school students are offered many activity clubs that suit their interests. Teachers encourage pupils to join these clubs in order to expand their knowledge and develop new skills. Very often members of these clubs become winners of subject competitions and they are the pride and joy of our school community. Due to their achievements and high scores of final tests Biskupiak is classified highly in the national secondary school rankings and is the first in the regional ranking.

If you have an interesting idea and goodwill, you can also create something new and original. You can set up a band, cabaret, school theatre or sports team. You just need to inform the principal and get his permission for your activity. Later you can present your show during the Modern Languages Week, on the first day of spring, at sports day or another school event. Every initiative is accepted very enthusiastically and you can count on your schoolmates’ assistance.

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